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dc-ac hot pluggable sinewave inverters


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the T Series provides dependable, stable AC power in a wide range of applications including telecoms power systems, uninterruptible power supplies and renewable energy power systems.
  • hot pluggable.
  • intelligent AC isolator for genuine n+1 parallel redundant operation. Sustain rack mount image
  • automatic paralleling simply connect outputs together.
  • lightweight compact design 6kVA (4.5kVA n+1) can be configured in just 5Ux19".
  • low psophometric input noise and inrush current to ETS 300 132-2.
  • integrated MCB option (54V only) for DC input isolation and downstream cable protection.
  • 3kV RMS isolation to BS EN60950.
  • configurable for single or three phase outputs.
  • optional metering via LCD display using an FPD Power Management Unit PMU200.
  • simple interface to centralised monitoring system using volt-free contacts, serial link (via an FPD Power Management Unit PMU200) or open collector status signals.
  • integrated CAN interface uses a two wire bus connection to carry all metering, control and status signals.
  • programmable peak output at up to 240% of nominal.
  • automated overload bypass switching for on-line UPS systems when used with an FPD Power Management Unit PMU200.
  • high efficiency simplifies heat management.
  • low audible noise.
  • temperature controlled fan cooling.
  • quick-connect cable version also available. (Q suffix).
  • custom front panel servicefor OEM's.
a host of advanced, innovative features make Sustain the first choice wherever a stable and reliable source of AC power is required.

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