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dc-ac hot pluggable sinewave inverters

Rackmount system diagram
Typical 6kVA (4.5kVA n+1) system configuration

T Series Technical Data
MODEL T1500-54
PRODUCT STATUS Available December 2000
Voltage 230VAC ± 3%
Load regulation ± 5% 0-130% load
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz ± 0.02%
Distortion <3% for linear load
Crest factor 3.5:1 at 3%THD
Load power factor 0.6 lagging to 0.8 leading
Nominal output power at 50°C 1500VA 1200VA
Efficiency 90% 88%
Surge capability (programmable to suit input protection) 240% for 0.1s (5 Cycles), 200% for 0.5s, 130% for 1 minute (typical At 30°C, thermally limited)
Voltage range 40-58V 20-29V
Low voltage shutdown 43.5V (adjustable) 21.7V (adjustable)
Nominal full load input current 31A at 54V 50A at 27V
Maximum continuous input current (programmable to suit circuit protection) 40A 55A
Inrush current < 30A
No load power draw < 14W
Optional input protection Internal 50A MCB -
Input to output 3kV RMS
Input to case 500V DC
Alarm output Volt-free changeover contacts
Remote control input Remote On/Shutdown control (maskable)
External sync 45Hz To 65Hz
FPD communications interface Controller area network (CAN) for communication with other FPD system units
Remote metering Via FPD Power Management Unit PMU200
System configuration settings DIP switch or via FPD Power Management Unit PMU200 (two level secure access)
Remote control and diagnostics Via FPD Power Management Unit PMU200 using RS232 or open collector parallel outputs
Audible noise < 50dB(A)
Operating temperature range -15°C to +50°C
Cooling Temperature controlled fan (air-flow front to back)
Safety BS EN 60950
Emissions BS EN 50081-1 ETS 300 386-1
Noise immunity BS EN50082-2 ETS 300 386-1
Psophometric noise ETS 300 132-2
Inrush current ETS 300 132-2
Dimensions including removable front panel 222mm (5U) X 82mm X 344mm (H x W x D)
Weight 5kg
Input/Output connections - Hot plug Positronic PC138 Compact Power (to PCB backplane)
Input connections - Quick connect (Q suffix) 55A Anderson (standard cable size 10mm² or 16mm²)
Output connections - Quick connect (Q Suffix) Shrouded Wieland type ST18 16A to VDE 0627
Please note all specifications are subject to change without notice

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