Futronics Power Designs Ltd. (FPD)

Futronics Power Designs Limited is a family run electronics business based in the UK managed by John Hills and Andy Hills. The company's capabilities and expertise stems from over 35 years practical experience and specialist knowledge of power electronics, system design and product development. FPD draws on a vast range of resources from both within and outside the company in order to ensure that customers needs are met.

FPD's primary objective is to meet our customers needs by designing and manufacturing innovative world-beating DC-AC inverter products.

The Sustain range has been developed by FPD in consultation with power system installers and end users across a wide range of industries. All Sustain inverters are capable of operation in parallel. Solutions are available for hot plug 19"/23" rack mounting T Series and wall/panel mounting R Series. All units are rated for continuous operation at elevated temperatures.

Sustain R Series stand alone inverters have been designed from the outset to meet the requirements of the growing Renewable Energy industry. As a result they are compact, efficient, competitively priced and are quick and simple to install. They embody very little energy due to their compact design. This range can be used economically in an extremely wide variety of applications from small pv systems in developing countries, mobile and marine applications to large scale renewable energy power generators and uninterruptible power supplies for large buildings.

Sustain T Series hot pluggable inverters enable high reliability single or three-phase AC power systems of virtually any capacity to be simply configured. Applications include telecoms power systems and other high reliability (n+1) Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).

FPD's Inverters are manufactured in the UK under a recognised quality system and exceed the highest international standards for safety, reliability and electromagnetic compatibility. All materials are subjected to an environmental audit in accordance with FPD's commitment to working towards a sustainable future.

If you would like to place an order or talk to us about your inverter needs email us at sales@futronics.co.uk or phone +44 1279 843128